Induction/elective ceaser/natural? What was your reason?


Hi to all mama's,

Very curious to know (from those who have given birth already/or have a birthing plan) what route did you take?

I plan on going natural but due to covid restrictions at my hospital my husband won't be allowed in (he has to do a covid test 48 hrs before I go in, due to going natural it's practically impossible to time when to do the test as I won't know when I'll go into labor and with the labs being inundated with testing the turn around for his results can be between 24 and 72hrs), given all this it looks like he will most probably miss the birth.

It's our first baby after a lot of struggle and it's been a big damper knowing he probably won't be there. I'm also absolutely petrified of being alone through it all.

I'm now considering an elective ceasarian or induction so that we can plan better to make sure he's there, I just don't know if that is good reason enough to go with either of the two.

I know there's strong opinions regarding inductions and ceasers (when not a medical necessity) but I feel like with everything going on, is it not better to plan?

(the country I live in is also under lockdown, going through a harsh winter and we are facing our first sharp peak of covid cases)

Thank you to anyone who've read this far