Every man thinks I’m a hoe

Every single guy I’ve ever been with, even guys I’ve dated to try to get to a relationship stage, thinks I’m a hoe. I just wish I knew why? Guys have ghosted me because they thought I was playing them with no fucking proof. The last guy I was in 4 year relationship with and lived with didn’t trust me and constantly accused me of talking to other guys and treated me like complete shit. I don’t dress provocatively. I have a 9-5 job and work with only old ladies. I don’t have any male friends. I don’t party and barely go out. I enjoy sewing, cooking, reading, and spending time with my family and my SO. But yet in men’s eyes I’m somehow still a HOE! I use to be wild and party and sleep around I admit, in my late teens/early 20s. But that was a long time ago. I’m not like that anymore. Is it just because when me and my ex bf first met I had told him some wild stories of my past way before him and he couldn’t get over it after 4 YEARS together?! I’m so sick of men thinking of me like this and I just give up on men completely at this point.

And no it’s not the men I’m choosing. I did use to choose the “bad boys” and had very abusive relationships. In one of those relationships I had been sexually assaulted by his friend and when I told him about it he accused me of touching him and he beat me. So obviously I stopped going after those types of guys. I tried to be with a few “nice guys” and they ended up deciding I was a hoe for no good reason and ghosted me. This guy I was in love with ghosted me then later told me he thought I was messing around my ex (not true) just because 2 times I had to cancel our plans for legitimate reasons, and he never trusted me again. And my last boyfriend was a “nice guy.” If you met him you’d agree. He checked off every single box. We both wanted a settled down committed great relationship. We started off with a very healthy relationship. My family adored him. Everything was so good. But then over time he changed. Like he had put on an act to get me, then once he had me locked in he shed his snaky skin and was horrible to me. And just decided I was a whore and nothing I could do could change it. Ugh. Fuck. Men.