I need to know if I’m being ridiculous

Ok so I’m really pissed right now and Idn if I’m being ridiculous or not. I should also say that I’ll be 3 weeks postpartum tomorrow.

Anyway, I always told my husband that I didn’t agree with young kids having tablets. We both kinda agreed a long time ago that it’s not really appropriate until they are school aged. So my mil said she bought my 16 month old a learning tablet. I figured it was one of those leap frog toys or whatever. It came today and it’s a fucking kindle fire tablet. I told my husband, what does a 16 month old need a fire for? And he went on about how she’ll grow into it. It even says on the box it’s for 3+. I just went down stairs and he has her sitting in the couch staring at the fucking tablet watching cartoons. This is exactly why I didn’t want our kids having a tablet. I feel like I can’t even say anything bc hell just blame it on me not liking his mom and it’s bc she’s the one who bought it. I won’t admit it to him, but I don’t like her (she’s crossed boundaries before, which I’ve told him about and he kinda brushed off), but I’d be pissed no matter who bought it. She’s a year old! She should be playing and not sitting on her ass watching a tablet!!!

Am I being ridiculous for being upset over this?

EDIT- I’ll talk to my husband when I calm down, whenever that is. I can’t return it bc my husband already set it up and threw out the packaging. Not sure if I can just put it away bc I know my husband will ask about it. For some reason I have a feeling that he’ll just use it even tho we discussed this prior to having kids. I’m a psych major, so I know the detrimental effects it can have on child development, but like I said, my husband doesn’t seem to believe me when I say these things bc it goes against his mom.