HELP?! Question


I am new to ovulation tracking. I got pregnant with my son immediately after trying over a year ago. (I had no idea what ovulation even was)

I have normal 28-32 day cycles. I am including two images of opk strips. I read it as I was ovulating around cd 16-18 (the lines were just as dark but the left was not darker) and I tested again on cd 26 and got a quick positive. The left line went dark first and quickly (I did a clear blue digital to confirm)

I am now on cycle day 28. My “premom” app has changed my period to now start July 7th putting me at a 40 day cycle. My “Glow” and “<a href="">Period Tracker</a>” app put me starting in 3-5 days.

I have taken multiple pregnancy tests and all came back a BFN. HELP!