I need help y’all


Hey👋🏽 So I’m 2 weeks late on my period... I was supposed to get my period on June 19. So I didn’t get it I did had some spotting so I thought I was going to get my period I was wrong, I didn’t. So I only spotted like 2 days .. I had cramps a week before I missed my period. So I did a pregnancy test on Wednesday it looked like it was positive I guess .. so I retest and i took a digital test.. it said not pregnant. Sooo I took like 3 88cent test and I didn’t see no line.. so couple hrs later not too late I jst saw a line on all 3🤔 so idk if it’s a positive or fake positive or idk what’s going on. And I’m still late for my period😩. And idk if I’m pregnant or not haven’t got a bfp😭

That’s how my test looked like when I took it last Thursday