Miscarriage Limbo

Alyssa • 26 years old, married, Mama to a beautiful girl born 10/28/16. Plus Size. TTC baby #2

So this is going to get kind of long so I apologize in advance. So starting June 22 I started having some light pink and brown bleeding that would occasionally get a little heavier and red but then it would slow back down. This was still going on by June 27. I don’t know what motivated me to do it but that morning I took a pregnancy test. My period had just ended on June 11th so I knew it was too early for a positive and besides that my husband and I had only had sex once that month, on June 18th. To my surprise it was a bfp!! Confused and concerned because how could I have bfp this early and also have been bleeding for the last 5 days? I went into urgent care and told them what was going on and the doctor seemed dubious and disbelieving. He told me there was no way I could already have a bfp from sex on the 18th/my period just ending on the 11th. But he ran a blood hcg quantitative test anyways and he too was shocked that not only was it positive but my hcg level was already at 537. He told me I must be mistaken about my dates and must be farther along than I thought (I know I am not mistaken though because I log everything in both this app and another app!). Also said that he didn’t know why I was bleeding and to follow up with OB on Monday and sent me on my way. So Monday June 29th the OB called me to schedule the follow up and said they were just going to do another repeat hcg to see if the number had gone up. The result from Monday ended up being that the hcg went up but “not enough”. It had only gone up to 637. They said between that and the bleeding they were concerned this was the start of a miscarriage. They originally decided that they were not going to do anything further for now besides a follow up hcg on Thursday unless something changed before then(ie they told me to call if the bleeding got heavier or if I started having cramps or a fever or anything different from what was currently happening). The next day (Tuesday the 30th) that morning I woke up at 5am to bright, deep red heavy red bleeding and horrible cramps. I called my OB when they opened at 8am and they said they wanted me to come in right away for an ultrasound and cervical check to basically confirm the miscarriage. I went in and got the ultrasound and my cervix checked and the ultrasound looked good, no obvious signs of miscarriage and also nothing on the ultrasound that was indicative of where the bleeding might be coming from and also my cervix was tightly closed. Only a sac was visible on the ultrasound which my OB said lined up with my last period and was right where it should be so she believed my dates were right (take that urgent care doctor! Lol!). So the OB said the blood was just sort of leaking out of the closed cervical opening in a steady stream. My OB was baffled and told me at this point I was in “limbo” because there had been good signs (closed cervix and no sign of miscarriage on ultrasound) and bad signs (bleeding and an hcg that was both high for how early I was yet seemed to be rising too slowly?). She said that for now the plan was to wait a week and repeat the hcg bloodwork and do another ultrasound and to call her if anything changed. She said if I had horrible cramps and a big gush of blood that would mean my cervix had opened and I was miscarrying the pregnancy. Nothing changed until July 2nd I woke up again early in the morning with horrible cramps that reminded me of the back labor I had with my first. I sat on the toilet and about 30 minutes of sitting there I had a massive gush of blood that had some quarter sized clots in it. I called my OB and she said yup that’s a miscarriage. She scheduled me for an appointment on July 9th to repeat the hcg levels she said to make sure they were back down to zero or almost zero. She said being as I was so early and only had a gestational sack it shouldn’t take any longer than that for things to return to pretty much normal. So here I am the day before and I still feel pregnant and my symptoms of pregnancy have only been increasing over the last few days!! So when I got home from work at 4:30pm today I took a hpt our of curiosity and it is a very dark positive!! Darker than the very first one I took on 06/27!! So I am now just confused AF and wondering what the hell is going on with my body!?! Just wanted to I guess kind of get it all of my chest and see if anyone has had a similar experience and if so what the outcome was? Did you actually miscarry or did you go on to have healthy pregnancy/baby? Sorry for the small novel and I understand if no one actually reads all this. I included pictures of my first pregnancy test from 06/27 and my one from today 07/08