Need Advice - Or A Hug


My body is really out of whack and it's causing me some concern. I'm trying hard to think rational and not think it's pregnancy because I don't want to get my hopes up. We've been TTC for over a year now, so it's hard.

My usual cycle is between 26-28 days. I got my period Aug 25 (a 24 day cycle), weird, but ok. Typical period (heavy day 1 then over 2 days later). Then 17 days into this latest cycle, I start spotting. The spotting led into 4 days of a super light flow. Not typical for me at all. Dark brown (old blood) looking, but still a light flow. On top of that, I'm so tired, I'm cramping (slightly), nauseous, tender breasts, dizzy/headaches. I'm just really confused.

I don't want to test until next week to give myself time, but I can't seem to get a read on my body. Everything is so inconsistent :/