Pleasing (Pt.2)


[Previously] I drive to his penthouse, go up to his floor using his code, and am just about to knock on his front door when.

I’m just about to know on his front door when the door is opened up under my fist. Standing there in nothing but grey sweats and some slides is Mr. Beckett himself, his hair is still slightly damp showing that he had just got out of his shower recently. “You’re a little early darling, I told you to be here exactly at 10:30pm no earlier no later. Looks like we might have to work on your obedience little one”, he says gruffly, “Come in, we’re gonna have a drink before we get started”, he finished. I walk through the door and look around at his stunning penthouse, which turned out to be a much more traditional style inside than the modern look that I was expecting from him. He led the way as I watched his back muscles flex leading us to the kitchen. “What’s your poison?”, he asks, “Bourbon”, I say. He prepares two bourbons, I assume we are both drinking the same thing. He then leads the way to his bedroom that has seats in front of the TV and his giant California king sized mattress behind the seats. He takes one seat and I take the other sipping my drink, tensions rising. All of a sudden Mr. Beckett sets down his cut on the coffee table, leans over from his chair grabs the sides of my neck and pulls me into a rough kiss. That kiss took my breath away, and the fact that he grabbed my neck turned me on even more than I could imagine. My spine tingles and I start getting wetter and wetter, “This okay?”, he asks “Mmhmm”, I moan out. After I respond he stands my neck still in his hand and he then lets go, “Strip.Now”, he demands. I start off with my heels, then turn my back towards him, “Do my zipper will you?”, I ask him and he does so carefully running his hands down my body sending tingles down my back. He pushes my dress off of my shoulder and lets in fall to the floor, I step out of my dress with urgency and he turns me around to face him. “Is there anything specific that you don’t want to do? Anything you’re uncomfortable with right now?”, he asks. “No anal right now, nothing too rough either, but a butt plug would be fine”, I reply as a result he groans in my ear pulling me close, reaching back and unclipping my bra massaging my boobs as he brings the straps forward and tosses my bra down onto one of the chairs we were just sitting in. He then runs his hands across my abdomen and slowly teases his way down to my panties, and I start panting heavily in his ear getting so wet and ready for him to just take me and increasingly becoming more and more impatient with him. He slips my panties down a bit and I just reach down, pull them off and step out of the, “Oh, eager are we?”, he says to me “Definitely”, I respond. As soon as I say that the hauls me over his shoulder, spanks my ass, and then throws me onto his bed, “Lets get it started then”, he growls. He climbs onto the bed and I expect him to come up and start making out with my but what he does takes me completely by surprise, he starts making out with my other lips instead, I instantly let out a loud moan as his tongue slides up and down my slit and slightly into my hole, I moan louder the faster he goes. He moves slightly up taking my clit into his mouth and suctioning on it with his lips covering his teeth so he doesn’t bite me by accident. He sucks harder, lets go of my clit and then gets off the bed to finally take his sweats off, he definitely wasn’t wearing any briefs which turned me on that much more. This time he does come up to me and starts making out with me, we’re both breathing heavily as he reaches up and massages my boobs, he pulls roughly on my nipples as he twists and turns them making me let out heavy moans. In turn I reach down and slowly start to rub my hand up and down his cock. “Ah, Ah, Ah princess not yet, first I want you to orgasm”, he says, “Do you mind if I use some cuffs?”, he continues. “Thats fine”, I pant out wanting to just devour his cock, which I finally get a good look at. It’s thick about 3 inches around, and definitely at least 8 inches long, don’t quote me on that though, I don’t have a measuring tape with me right now. As I check him out some more he goes into what appears to be his closet and then returns with with two black metal handcuffs and two black ties, I assume those are for my feet since he does have bed posts. He gets back onto the bed and straddles me taking my left hand and cuffs It to his bed post, the cold metal making me hyper aware of the sensation on my body, he then repeats the same thing with my right hand. “Can I tie up your feet too?”, he asks, I nod to him and he goes towards the bottom of the bed and pulls me down a bit so that my arms are as stretched as the can, making it hard for me to even move, and he ties both of my legs to the bed post they’re closest to. Once he’s done that he pulls out a new butt plug and some lube, “Lift your hips, I’m assuming you’ve done this before”, he says. I nod and lift my hips like he tells me to. He puts some lube on two of his fingers and starts massaging my asshole, I moan out loudly loving the feeling of it, he rubs around and then dips in a single finger making me want more as I squeeze my asshole around his finger, “Good girl”, he says, “looks like your perky hole will be nice and tight for me when we do get to that one day.” I continue to moan and then suddenly I feel him slipping in the plug, agonizingly slow as I moan out louder and louder as he finishes putting it in, leaving me panting and wanting for more. He then proceeds to continue eating me out rubbing his tongue up and down and into me “Uhhhhh, Mr. Beckett”, I scream out as he slides two fingers into me, “Its Sir, Daddy, or Ezra to you baby”, he says in response as he pushes his fingers in and out of me. I continue to moan out as the pressure builds inside of me “c’mon baby give it to me”, he says as my pussy clenches around his now three fingers as he rubs up on my g-spot. “Ahhh ahh ahh, DADDY”, I scream out as I moan and he continues to go in and out of me “good girl good girl”, he says. He keeps his fingers in me until my orgasm subsides, then pulls them out of me, sticking his fingers into his mouth making eye contact with me as he licks his fingers cleans and moans as the taste, making me even hornier.

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