Vagina sore??

So I had sex with my ex who i hadn’t seen for about 6 months 2 days ago. The sex was amazing, made me cum around 3 times just with his dick, never has he had me do that before. After that, i felt a bit sore but it was like a good sore. The following day, yesterday, I had sex with this guy I been seeing since February, we’re nothing more than fuck buddies, he gave me oral which was amazing and when we were having sex, his dick kept hurting me for some reason. Never has it hurt me before, I went dry and it started to hurt so I told him I needed a break. While laying on his bed, I felt my vagina start pulsating. Pulsating in pain, why did that happen? My vagina is still sore. What can I do to stop the soreness? and why did that happen to me?