Do babies who can be put down to sleep and not cry..

really exist?

My second daughter is the same as my first in that she will not let me put her down to nap. I’m sure some of it has to do with habits I’ve already created but she was like this from the beginning. My husband and I have held her for almost all her naps but now his paternity leave is over and he’s going back to work and today he was gone for a little while and it took me an hour to get the baby to sleep and I tried to put her down in multiple ways to get back to my 3 year old and the baby would just cry. She’s barely getting enough sleep and my 3 year old is by herself more than I like. I have a k’tan but I don’t love it and it’s really hot wearing her

Any suggestions?

Also she’s EBF and won’t take a pacifier

She’s 8 weeks old and hates her swing. She always gets hiccups soon after putting her in it