Omg could it be true??


I’ve been dealing with dehabilitating nausea for the past 3 weeks which has felt like forever. It always starts at 6 weeks for me & lasts until 14-16 weeks. Fun 8-10 weeks of 24/7 sickness for me each pregnancy. This pregnancy has been worse though with my IBS flaring like crazy. I tried the correct B6 & unisom combo my last 2 pregnancies & it did nothing for me. So I figured Diclegis would be a waste. It was all my provider would prescribe me though. It’s SO expensive too & my insurance doesn’t cover any of it go figure. I did get a decent coupon off “goodrx” though. I took the 2 tablets before bed last night & so far today have felt no nausea! I’m able to eat even!! Could it have worked this fast or is my body playing tricks on me? I did wake up with a horrible sore throat (got sick from my kids) so maybe that’s throwing me off. I heard it takes a few days to get in your system so I don’t wanna eat my words later but omg the relief I’m feeling right now is amazing! I could cry.