OPK rollercoaster!

Ashley • Mommy to an amazing baby boy 👶🏼 💙, 👼🏼

Alright so I know I’m not “due” to ovulate until 7/11 but seeing my lines basically go down to zero today is kind of disheartening. They don’t typically get darker until day of my positive which should be tomorrow but I wasn’t expecting it to be THIS light today. My OPKs have been on a little rollercoaster this cycle getting darker and lighter and maybe it could be because it’s my first cycle after MC but damn it’s making me feel like it won’t happen this month. Not to mention I just now got a LITTLE bit of ewcm today when usually I have a bit more leading up to O day.

I’m sure it will happen, I just often times feel this way leading up to my ovulation day, but just needed to get that out there.