How do you keep the faith?


Hi! I just recently got pregnant for the first time in my life after thinking I couldn’t. After years and years of negative tests. To see those two lines on that test was literally unbelievable to me. So I went to get a digital one and it said “pregnant “ My heart dropped. My husband and my whole family was excited for our November (2020) baby. I was only 7 weeks when I miscarried. It was one of the saddest days for me and my husband. He cried and it hurt my soul to see him crying. It made me feel like I couldn’t do what I was made to do. I got pregnant after trying so hard then bam 💥 it’s gone 😞. So here we are two months later and I’m pregnant again naturally. Also my husband two sisters are pregnant as well. All my husbands parents kids are expecting. One is due in February and me and the other one is due in March. I’m nervous because I know how he’ll feel if they have theirs and we don’t have ours because we lost it again. I wake up every two days and take a test just to make sure the lines are getting darker. How do you guys not lose your mind with all the bad thoughts and dreams. Help me out please so I can stop stressing my womb out!

-Jaee ❤️