Ladies NEED HELP! What could it be?!


Okay... so my fiancé and I struggle to get pregnant. Been trying for about two years. Haven’t worn a condom since. My periods last 6 days long with the 6day spotting.

I believe the “peak” of my ovulation I felt light cramps on my right side as usual.

Since my period ended, we had sex about 2-3 times.

My boobs always sore up a 7-8 days before my period suppose to start.

For the first time ever my boobs started to sore on day 10 AFTER the end of my period........ I told my fiancé and we were like wtf already?!

Should I get a test to try and see if I’m pregnant (which Is my dream!)

OR .... do you think my body is just changing since internet says that your boobs can sore two weeks before period starts....

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