Takes forever to text back

This guy I’ve been talking to all year has been taking forever to text back. He’s a busy guy. He has a small kid, he works, and is in school. Whenever he isn’t working he takes a bit to reply. Last night he was working and I texted him and he didn’t reply for hours. But he texted back saying he was sorry and what not. I texted him first today and we’ve been somewhat texting throughout the day. I texted him over 2 hours ago and also asked how his day was going but nothing so far. I get so anxious he won’t text back but I also don’t want to double text. Sometimes after a long period of time I will double text him, especially at night. I’ll sometimes send him sexy pics at night, even if he hasn’t texted back in a bit. He usually comments on them but last time I sent one a few days ago, he didn’t comment at first. I straight up told him I’m not sure if he wants them. But he replied asking why wouldn’t he? That he loves getting them. But idk what to do? Just wait for him to reply? Should I send a sexy picture later on if he doesn’t reply??? I’m scared he never will but maybe I’m just overthinking it