Hi ladies—

I need some help with figuring this whole getting rid of bottles and formula. My current schedule is this:

6:30am-7am wake and feed breakfast and offer sippy with milk (she doesn’t drink much milk at this time)

Daycare 8-2:30 where she gets another breakfast and lunch with milk and snacks.

Snack at 3/3:30– today it was half plum and half spinach sweet potato muffin. Offered milk but only took a few sips

Dinner at 5/5:15- she ate a bunch of chicken and peas and cauliflower. Drank some milk after dinner around 5:45

Bath at 6/630 and bed at 7. Tonight I gave her sippy again with milk before bed and she was drinking it like a bottle- she probably had 2-3oz before bed.

She normally falls right asleep without crying. These past few nights she will cry, fall asleep and then wake up crying/screaming. I’m not sure if she is starving and if I’m not feeding her enough?

She was formula always and always got her bottle before bed as part of her routine and usually had 8oz before bed

Am I starving her? I’m so confused and overwhelmed by this transition for some reason. Thank you all in advance