Just ranting


I’m currently 37+3 with my second baby. I lost my mucus plug on Wednesday. After that, I had some back pain. It went away. And came back yesterday. The last few days I’ve been nauseous all the time. Sooo tired. And today all the same except I have a nice headache to go along with it all. 😭.

I was checked yesterday and I was 3cm and he told me it was a very high chance I would go into labor on my own soon, if not, I’ll be induced on the 22nd at 39+1 (I’m not sure why a week early, but I’ll take it).

I’m just hoping these are all signs of him coming very very soon (like in the next few days). I didn’t have any of these signs with my last pregnancy. So I don’t know if it means labor is coming or not 🤷🏻‍♀️. I hope because I can’t stand feeling so sick every day.