Sleep training 1 year old- Advice?

My daughter is almost 13 months. She has slept in our room since day 1. She has always been a pretty good sleeper, since about 3-4 months, as far as not waking through the night and she does not wake for a bottle. She takes her last sippy of milk roughly 7p and goes to bed around 7:30/8p and sleeps through to anywhere between 6:15-7:30. The issue is, is I have started a habit of helping her get to sleep and staying in the room with her until she gets to sleep. She takes 2 naps a day and then bedtime so I spend quite a bit of time just getting her to sleep and it’s really starting to wear on me. I’ve been saying for months that we will move her to her own room but I kept coming up with excuses to delay it, such as the fact that her bedroom is pretty far from me and I wasn’t comfortable with it. So for awhile I will sleep in the spare bed thst is down the hall from her room. I think I also was dreading the crying that I knew would occur. But it’s time. I’ve researched a few things and just wanted to see if anyone had any advice for an exhausted mom?! I have to say, that her crying really overwhelms me. I’ve always responded to her every cry. She’s quite clingy to me, I’m also a SAHM so we are together 24/7. I cannot just leave her to cry for too long without comfort. But I do believe I’m ready to let her fuss/cry and check in on her after so many minutes, etc. But I’m not sure where to start? How often do I go in? And do I just lay her down and leave the room, no rocking? The thought of her crying herself to sleep absolutely breaks my heart. But I think we will both be okay and get through it (hopefully🤞🏻) if I check in on her and provide some type of comfort. I want her to be able to fall asleep on her own and enjoy her beautiful room. And I would like to have some time to myself and husband without tiptoeing around or fear of waking her and having to go through getting her to sleep all over again. I believe we can do it. It’s just taking the first step! My daughter is also not what you would call “laid back”. She’s pretty needy and already starts with tantrums! She also refuses to let anyone hold her other than her Dad or I, and finally now my Mom, but other than that she will throw a huge fit if anyone tries to hold her. I know it’s very normal, and I love our bond 💕 But it’s quite exhausting to not get any alone time ya know. It’s just it’s time for us both I think to have a little “time” to ourselves, if that makes sense. At night. Any advice or recommendations is greatly appreciated. 😊 Thank you:)