So today I wanted to have sex with my boyfriend, I try kissing him, nibbling his ear, touching. I even took all my clothes off and he just ignored me. I feel so terrible cause I’m a little shy and insecure of my body, today with the little bravery that I got a did those things and he just literally rejected me, He got hard at some point but the minute that I went to grab his member he stopped kissing me and started to watch TV, I feel awful😔

Edit: If he wasn’t in the mood I truly preferred that he told me the truth. But the thing is that we haven’t had sex in like two weeks. We are 21, I think that our sexual appetite should be higher. I have tried multiple approaches, my vagina doesn’t have a funny smell, I’m healthy. I really don’t know what is going on. I’ve tried talking to him but he never says anything. I’m becoming more insecure because of this situation.