Drive-by baby shower with surprise

Jacky • 27 year old, soon to be mother of a rainbow baby, little boy. So incredibly blessed and thankful for everything life has given to me. Also a crafty individual, love to paint and create anything I can!

So we obviously had to change our baby shower plans to a drive by because of the coronavirus concerns. I was super bummed out about it but my husband, dad and step mom outdid themselves and pulled off the most amazing drive by.

My husband and best friend also went ahead and invited a small group to come back to our place to have a socially distanced BBQ with baby shower games 🖤❤️💙. Literally the loves of my life.

Here are some photos of my drive by!

We obviously went with forest theme!

We handed out gift bags to everyone to say thank you!

Below are the photos for the set up my husband and best friend did for my small back at the house shower!