Early pregnancy symptom?


Hey guys

So I stopped BC end of May and have been TTC ever since. So my WB came 4 days after I stopped. Had an LH surge and then AF - The Real AF came on the 3rd Of July. It lasted only 5 days. Had intercourse 4 days ago and I have been having dull achy sore lower back pain almost like it's above my bum since last night also my pelvic area felt a bit crampy last night. Took an OT last night and it came back pretty strong, but now could this be an EPS? Maybe because my hormones and everything is still sorting itself out, I am now wondering if I have possibly conceived? I know you only have a fertile window. But has anyone experienced this and got a BFP?

I haven't had this kinda backpain in years? Wondering if ovulation haven't already happened? Ughhh hate this #waitinggame