Contractions died out again... 🤦🏼‍♀️

Taylor • Momma to Princess Freya 💕 07/22/2020 Baby #2 Coming Feb 2022

Spent from 10 am yesterday contracting fairly regular. Ended up around 4 pm getting super lightheaded and a bad head ache so I called L&D and they asked me to come in and be assessed as I felt super strange.

Get there and they completely blow off my symptoms, don’t even bother asking or checking my pain level for the head ache, don’t ask anything about the light headed mess. Just hooked me up to a NST told me baby is fine

I’m in early labour and to go home...

I repeat I know the baby is fine it’s my symptoms I’m worried about and they swab me for covid (for no reason might I add, I’m not sick, haven’t been and have zero symptoms as well as living in a city with no cases for a while now)

Mildly annoyed I went home, continued with irregular contractions all evening and now they’ve died out by this morning... sigh I really thought they’d just pick up. But guess I’m staying pregnant longer still...

39+2 today and just over it. Nurses did not take me seriously at all wishing I had gotten in with a midwife sooner.