Thought it was a chemical...


Hello ladies!

Here’s what happened. Last Saturday 7/11 I took a pregnancy test with an Easy@Home strip. I was 7 DPO at the time. I saw a line by the time 2 minutes had passed! I was so excited!!!

Then I tested the next day... the line was getting more faint. Then by the next day (7/13) it was barely there. I thought maybe it was a chemical pregnancy and I was having an early miscarriage...

But I used another brand to make sure. It was a TopCare, a blue dye test.

I used the first of two tests provided yesterday @ 8 DPO and then the second test today @ 9 DPO.

Does it look like the line is progressing? I’ve heard of people not liking blue dye, I prefer pink dye myself... but I’m due this Saturday and just really want to confirm that 1) I’m pregnant, and 2) it’s progressing.