This is probably going to sound stupid but I honestly don’t know.

I did a 28 minute workout yesterday and I am hurting bad. 😂 It’s a light workout adjusted for pregnancy! Mostly just laying on the floor and moving your legs. Some different squatting as well. I’m so out of shape. My thighs are killing me. Just sitting up or walking hurts.. But I’m now overweight and changing my eating hasnt worked.

Should I work out again today?

Should I push through it and continue on?

Update: Talked to my midwife and she highly agrees with starting exercise. I gained another 8lbs in two weeks. GD test came back at an 87!? So I passed with flying colors, somehow! She agreed and said wait between days if I’m sore. I’m feeling much better now between workouts. I’d love to go swimming but everywhere around here is closed. 😞