Rant about mothers!

Brenna • Mommy to Bowen 👣 #2 Due: March 2021

Idk why I did this to MYSELF!

Here is an idea of my timeline.

2011- my best friend died of an overdose in Utah from meth and heroin

-i was involved so I went to court for 4 years

- during this time I decided to tell my mom about how her husband my step dad who also did and still does meth molested me for 5 years.(she didnt believe me)

2012- we ALL moved to California my mom, stepdad their two kids together.

2013- I had become a major alcoholic just like my parents.

-senior year I met my fiance.

-i moved in with him to escape the abuse.

2014- my step dad cheated in my mom and left her.

-my now fiance, mom, and little sister moved into an apartment together where I went to beauty school.

2015- we had to move out because she got back with my step dad. We had to sleep on my fiances parents couch for the rest of that year.

2016- my fiance and I got our first apartment together! All alone.

-my mom left my step dad

-my grandpa committed suicide

- my mom, grandma, sister moved into out apartment small one bedroom because they had nowhere else to go.

- we got evicted bevause my alcoholic mom kept fighting with the neighbors.

2017- we moved back in with my fiances parents as my mom and grandma got their own apartment.

- in the middle of this year my fiances parents wanted us out so my mom "offered"

-not even one moth we were there and she starts fighting with me every day.

2018- my mom moves back in with my step dad.

-we finally move out and into a house with my fiances brother and gf.

-then their sister moves in with her daughter and dog no rent

-she moves out and their brother moves no rent, in and hes bringing girls over every night

2019- I fall pregnant and the gfs mom moves in gets the biggest room in the house with two dogs. No back yard access now.

-her dog eats my cat

-she is not paying rent.

-i have my son

-my mother, sister, grandma move in because... Well you guess it my step dad kicked them out.

2020- we decide to move out bevause noone in the house gets along so I live with my fiance, 11 month old son, 14 year old sister, 40 year old mom, 72 year old sister, 3 dogs and I'm pregnant with number 2 and my point to all of this is that I HATE my mother!!!!

1-She only thinks of her self

2-Shes not helping around the house.

3- shes whoring around spending money on guys.

4- yells at me for no reason

5- keeps saying she wont be paging rent due to the pandemic when my name is in the LEASE

6- constantly on her phone.

7- I am pregnant and do NOT feel good she does not care.

My fiance and i have a 5 year plan and she will NOT be in it! I already kicked my step dad out of my life once my son was born because he does not need to know that man.

When the time comes my fiance and i will be out of California buying our own house and we will have noone in our life bevause ppl just use us and I'm just so pissed off at the world and everyone in my life!!!! FUCK