Embarrassing...... Please don't be mean!

Okay. So I have a REALLY embarrassing problem and I need for you guys to PLEASE be nice about it because I'm really self conscious! Okay... I've been sexually active for a year now. I've been noticing it's kind of dark at the part where my thighs and vagina meet. It almost looks like dirt! Gross! I've always been super clean about myself down there, so I have NO idea why it looks dirty there! Every time I shower I scrub so freaking hard to try to wash it off, but I honestly see no improvement. I also JUST noticed that my outter lips (like right where my pubic hair grows) is also dark! Like I've said, I scrub super hard and well down there, so WHY is this happening?! I don't allow my husband to be to eat me out because I feel like once he looks and sees how "dirty" I am, he'll get disgusted. I myself am disgusted! Can I do anything to make this dark skin go away?! Like any home remedies or something?! Also, I'm Mexican and the dark skin looks almost black. Yeah. I know. Pretty gross. Please be serious and please help!!!!