First Real Experience Wanting to Stop (Feeling Very Frustrated)


I know there are many women on here, and out in the world, who have gone through years of trying. So, as I post this I want to acknowledge their frustration is nothing compared to mine. However, my SO and I have been TTC for the last 6 months, and it seems like ALL of our friends who have been trying this long, or have kids already, only needed a few months to get a positive test. (Unless they were lying?)

I was (officially) diagnosed with endometriosis 3 years ago (but had symptoms for at least the last 5-6) because of this, I’ve alway been pessimistic about my fertility. I’ve always assuming it could be an uphill battle. But now that I’m here, and trying it’s so much more frustrating than I thought it would be.

On top of it all, I’m afraid to tell anyone we’re trying for fear of people asking “are you pregnant yet”, so I don’t have people around me who know why I’m so bitter and annoyed by all these baby announcements.