Anyone on their second pregnancy and feeling guilty for their first about having another one so soon? Idk why but for some reason mom guilt has really been hitting hard. It’s hard to think that my time with my daughter just me and her is coming to a end soon....will I still be able to provide her with the proper attention she needs...will I be able to help her get through things and teach her how to handle terrible twos...all these questions keep running through my head. Is anyone else feeling the same? Even though the second pregnancy was planned I’m still feeling bad for my daughter. People have made so many complements on how well I’m doing with my daughter and I don’t want her to go downhill. People who don’t know how old she is think she’s older than she is because she seems older because of how much I’ve worked with her. I’m a past preschool teacher and teaching is just in me so I’m constantly working with her. Anyway I’m worried my daughter will go downhill because I won’t have the time to work with her that I do now and I’m worried I won’t be able to work with the new baby as much as I did with her because I will have 2 kids to take care of instead of one...😞