Does he really love me?

I’m 25 hes 48. He’s never been married and has a history of being in semi long relationships but never taking it all the way. I’m scared I’m just another girl to me. He tells me he loves me more than he has ever loved anyone and he’s Waited his whole life for me. We’ve been together almost a year. He bought me a 7,000$ engagement ring 1 month into our relationship. (Quick I know). He spoils me and does a lot for me, but yet when we argue or he thinks I’m being disrespectful he throws it in my face. He’s says he does everything for me and asks me what do I do for him. When we would argue it’d never get too bad but now he hurls bad names at me. Tells me to leave. I was being annoying the other day and messing with him and he looks at me and says I better stop before I get into trouble. 😦 like I was a 10 year old. He was dead serious. He says I disrespect him if I walk by him him and don’t kiss him. Or I don’t call and text him 24\7 like I use to. He hates the idea of me having friends. . Does he love me or is he looking at me like I’m just another young girl. I feel as if he loves me but is manipulating me?????