I have no filter while pregnant


I’m so annoyed with myself and embarrassed. I get really foggy mommy brain while pregnant. And this pregnancy has been extremely tough with my irritability.

I went through McDonald’s to get my kids breakfast, and I got myself a French vanilla latte. I took a sip while I waited for my bag and it tasted like plain coffee. I looked at the tag and it said coffee with 4 creams, so I said “excuse me, this is normal coffee I asked for a latte” and she said “no I just put the wrong tag” and in a snarky tone my bitchy ass said “well it sure doesn’t taste like a French vanilla latte, but whatever” and I left. 🤦🏻‍♀️ that is normally something I would have thought but not said out loud because I hate being rude to people.

I had to go back and apologize, I felt so bad. Like almost all of my thoughts just come out right now. Idk how pregnancy gave me zero filter but I am NOT here for it lol.