Feeling down

So my bf and I have been dating 6 months. Things are going well. We both said I love you to each other.

However, I’m feeling down about something. Him and his ex gf both had the interest of League of Legends and she was more of a charismatic tomboy. I’m more shy, anxious and girly.

I secretly tried playing League of legends last night and didn’t tell him because I want to secretly learn. I woke up this morning feeling like maybe I shouldn’t try to be like his ex. I did have fun playing but I’m not a big video game person.

Anyways this morning I think he texted me something meant for his friend. He sent: “*celebrity* plays league of legends. I’m gonna marry her one day.”

I haven’t replied. Ik I shouldn’t care cuz it’s a celebrity but like it was ironic that he said that without knowing I felt down about it and tried it out last night.

idk would y’all be upset by a text like that too??? Esp if u were feeling anxious about it the night before? Ik this seems kinda stupid but I’m really sad about it. if thats his ideal to marry, then why tf am I here???