TMI- mucus plug? Labour? Contractions? Confusion

I need some advice ladies. I'm 37 weeks pregnant today.

I think I've been loosing bits of my mucus plug for just over a week now and it looks like the pic - off white almost set jelly-like consistency. I've read that it can be this colour and doesn't always have a brown/pink or dark colour to it.

I've also had terrible lower back pain, baby has dropped and head is engaged as I could feel it at the back of the vaginal wall when checking my cervix. Mixed in with some period-like cramps. Also this morning I got a small gush of warm liquid when I got out of bed but no leaking other than that. The liquid was clear so it wasn't urine and it soaked through my panty liner and wet my underwear. Didn't manage to get a photo but the wet spot was the size of the palm of my hand. Could of course also be clear discharge but it seemed very watery for that (who knows?!).

Also been getting stomach tightening from around 15:20 (UK time) all afternoon but very irregularly - I've had around 13 or 14 and they range from 30 or 40min apart to 8min apart but nothing constant.

I'm 37 weeks (today) with my second baby. With my first my water broke around 38+3 but I had him a week later by induction.

Any second time mummies have any advice? Because I was induced the first time round I'm not sure how labour starts or if any of this it just normal and I'm not in labour at all. I know it's early at 37 weeks but I can't shake the feeling that I may be in the early stage of labour and not even know.