I feel very disconnected from my partner after giving birth.

I gave birth 11 days ago. My labor wasn’t easy, I had to be induced after a regular check up. Once baby was out I was bleeding out and baby was also experiencing a few issues, but we are fine and home now. My husband was very helpful and open with me during the ordeal, but now he’s shut down. I’m feeling very sad after coming home. Breastfeeding has been a challenge because it’s difficult for her to latch on. I feel inadequate, guilty, and lonely. To top it off, I had my first tense moment with my mother-in-law after I had to kindly remind her to wear her mask around our baby. She didn’t take it well and hubby didn’t back me up like I expected. I’ve tried talking to him but he just responds with tough love, if that at all. He’ll see me crying and won’t comfort me at all. I’ve tried hugging him and kissing him and he’s so cold. He doesn’t think he’s doing anything wrong, though. His response has been, “What, just because I’m on my phone and chilling you think something is wrong?” I don’t mind him on his phone, I just want him to communicate with me because I need him. Another response to me feeling down has been a sarcastic “Your life is falling apart or what?”

Is this behavior normal for a new father? He’s also cut back on weed a lot since our baby was born, so I’m wondering if he’s irritated due to that. Or maybe because we haven’t had sex, but I think we can be intimate in other ways if he would be willing to open up to me.

I don’t feel well.