Are we breaking up

I’m worried my partner isn’t attracted to me anymore. It’s as simple as that. He’s a perfect man, great dad and gives me compliments and tells me he loves me a lot but... he’s avoiding intimacy, we have sex if I initiate it. He will kiss me or cuddle me if I ask but it used to be so different. There is stress I’m pregnant with our second child (but we both have children from previous relationships too)

I mean I don’t get it, there has definitely been a shift, he avoids coming to bed with me now, he is always playing games on his phone or PlayStation. I’ve tried to talk to him, he thinks I’m crazy. Says all the right things.... so is it me? Is it hormones? Am I expecting too much? (I’ll happily tell you I’m not happy with me right now as I’m overweight and pregnant, I feel really crappy about me to be honest) what is going on???