So my husband has kept in touch with an extra coworker who is a female and is married. Previously when they were working together I would get upset because they’d be going out for coffee just the two of them during their lunch break and my husband wouldn’t tell me about it, I found out through reading his text messages. I confronted him about it and he apologized to me saying that there’s nothing going on between them, that they’re just friends. So then my husband gets a job at another company and they still talk and message each other. Time goes by and her husband ends up leaving her and she ends up losing her job during the COVID situation. She of course texts my husband to talk about what she’s going through and everything. I’ve always had a hunch about her having feelings for my husband and now that she’s divorced I feel like she’s going to make a move on him sometime soon. The other day i was reading their texts and my husband messaged her at 3 am saying that he couldn’t sleep and they were texting each other all night. There’s definitely some flirtation going on through her messages that she sends but again my husband reassures me that there’s nothing going on and that she’s just a friend. I honestly am sick of this bitch and I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to be the crazy girl who will end up contacting her and saying leave my man alone bitch!! But then I kinda do want to.