Really scared and need advice please!!


Okay this is the last time I am posting about this, otherwise I might go insane even though I pretty much already have. So 8 days ago last Monday I had sex in the shower with my bf, he says he peed before.. anyways, I had my nexplanon out for barely over a month and was waiting to get a new one put on.. I got my new one Friday so 4 days after this happened.

I had sex in the shower for maybe 1 minute or 2 at the very most. I stopped because I got scared, and now I’m scared could I get pregnant from that?? I did ovulation tests the next day and they were negative and then another Wednesday and it was brighter Wednesday so I took a take action pill. (Took the pill 48 hrs after the incident)... did ovulation tests pretty much everyday after that and got a strong clear blue Friday and then Saturday it detected a surge so I probably ovulated Saturday or Sunday so like 5-6 days after this happened..

My bf keeps saying I shouldn’t worry but for some reason I really am. He never came at all during the minute that we did anything and says he can almost guarantee nothing happened like pre cum. But I worry about the pre cum and idk I just need someone to talk to me, hes not worried yet I sit here all day and worry. I took a test today and it was negative, gonna do one tomrorow that can tell 6 days early and then again on Monday since that would be 2 weeks.