MFPR- multiple fetal reduction

Irene • Mama to 5 year old triplets!! 4 years of infertility they are the biggest blessings in the world 💗💗💗
I posted about this a few weeks ago but I wanted any feedback out there. Has anyone undergone this procedure? If you aren't familiar it's basically having a reduction from triplets to twins in order to reduce the chance of complications to the other babies and mama. The question keeps getting brought up to me, as I am 9w5d pregnant with triplets. Several doctors have told me the overwhelming risks of carrying triplets and I am really starting to wonder what the best decision is. At first I was completely against it, as they are all three healthy. But as I talk to doctors and do my own research it is scary what can happen to triplets. They are usually all born around 32 weeks, can have underdeveloped organs, mental problems, cerebral palsy and other issues. Also you risk losing all three if they are born too early. I could develop hypertension which in turn is very risky to me and the babies. My husband seems to think that reduction is the right choice from a factual and statistical standpoint. It's just so hard and any advice or thoughts would be helpful. Thank you ?