Clomid Messed Me Up

Kristen • Thomas 🌈 💙9/18/18 🤰🏻 💙 Due April 2021

I have a history of low AMH(it was 1.03 when I was 32). I am 34 (35 in oct) now and have a 22 month old. I got pregnant after 3 early miscarriages the first cycle using clomid plus trigger shot. I’ve been on the fence about having a second, so I called the fertility clinic to ask if I could come get some blood work since I was on CD 3. I went in and got bloodwork and the I’m talking to the dr and I get put on clomid. I’m like ok guess I’m doing this...the first night I took it I was having hot flashes, insomnia, headache and plus every worry about having another baby seemed so much worse. The second night taking it was even worse! I had to call the office and tell them I have to stop. Just waiting to hear what my blood results are to see if I even have time left to decide. I just don’t know what I want and I’m scared. 😞