First responder wife


I’m a first responders wife. Trying to conceive has been extremely difficult with 48 hour shifts of not being together. 3 years married and trying and 3 miscarriages. ( we both have one child each from previous marriages)....Anyways! I’m always telling my hubs we HAVE to have sex certain days and when I know I’m going to ovulate. He will NEVER sneak to the house in the brush truck for a quicky or even out I his truck. Great sex life we have, but he’s never “brave” enough to do it while on shift. Today it happened! And it was the hottest damn thing ever! He surprised me in his sex uniform and I just pounced on him! It was amazing. And I cannot stop thinking bout my hot ass firemen husband coming home for a quick release 🤪🤪🤤🥰