I’m an alcoholic... not sure where else to go

I’m an alcoholic. So is my father. I don’t want to go to AA cause he attends every single one in the county ... I really don’t want to go with him even though he’s asked me.. if I did, I can’t be honest if I had to share ... plus I don’t want to hear his stuff either. Half I’m I already know and was traumatized from first hand experience.

Don’t know why I’m coming here to a women’s app.

Just looking for something.

I could stop.

What gets me the most. Is I get sick. When I stop I feel like my head is a balloon. The shakes. Headaches and sick to my stomach. It’s hard to explain cause I’m not hungover... I just feel shitty. Even if a slow down and just drink a beer.. it’s not enough to calm the next day.

As soon as drink again I feel fine. It’s annoying cause am trying not to stop. Drinking when you feel that way is like taking tylonal for a sore back.

Just fixes me.

But I know it’s not. Not sure what to do.