need a wheelchair 😩

Abby • •22• nursing major • 6.25.19• 💜

so today my boyfriend & I were having sex on his bed and I was on top, and he suggested him sitting in the chair with me riding him reverse cowgirl and of course I was not opposed (we've never done that).

I sat down on that dick and was bouncing up and down and let me tell y'all....I have never felt anything like that in my whole life. my legs started shaking I started having a major orgasm 😩😩 I was so wet & my knees felt like they were going to give out but it felt so good so I kept riding him and then he finished all in me 💦

when I got up off him, I seriously could barely walk 😂 they weren't kidding when they said you won't be able to walk after big dick 😭