Feel like im going crazy.

The lack of being able to go anywhere due to covid is sending me mad. 36weeks and public toilets all closed, but always need the loo! Set foot anywhere like a pub and you have to track and trace (uk). So dont travel far. I went to the shops today for the first time since march and I got the worst anxiety with this 2m spacing everywhere (which I know is important). Im a pretty independent person and 36 weeks with frank breech baby I am massively uncomfortable and my 16month year old is running riot in the house. Hes now decided to climb on the sofa into the window etc. We have an open plan house so im constantly chasing him around. I just ordered a baby gate to contain him which my husband doesn't think we need. I am also due a c section in a few weeks so keeps me partially separate while I recover from it. Yet he doesnt seem to understand that I need a baby gate to atleast stop a 16month year old charging at me when hes not looking!

. But chasing him about is exhausting! Going to the park isn't do- able as again.. i just need to pee currently

And now my family are stepping in to help while my husband is at work. I feel so guilty, hes my child and i should be capable of looking after him and know I just need to accept their help. Ive always done the housework and just sitting here watching my husband do ALL the house work after hes finished work is upsetting to. I also feel ive been robbed of enjoying this pregnancy because of all the national lockdowns and shops being closed. Urgh.. i need to chill out! (Just venting! )