Afraid to drive because of my mom

So I’m 25 and I’m embarrassed to say I can’t drive !!!

I have tried to learn I understand the handbook but behind the wheel I get so afraid I get bad anxiety when I’m trying learn my husband tried to teach me but I get anxiety when I’m trying it’s not like he’s yelling at me but I get scared .

When I lived with my mom as a teen I always wanted to learn and would ask my dad to show me and my mom would always say I’m stupid I can’t drive ..

I can barely walk let alone drive a car .. she would say I’m going crash and kill someone or I’ll crash with my kids in the car

She would say I’m dumb I can’t learn now every time I want to learn I hear those words in my head I get bad anxiety and I panic and I can’t stop worrying about what if I crash what if my moms right im so scared to learn now any tips please I literally need to learn I’m 25 married with two kids I have to learn to drive it’s so embarrassing ..

She now tells my 18 year old sister the same things when she asks to learn my mom tells her the same things she now has anxiety to learn to drive as well 😕😕😕