Plan B Bleeding


On July 13th, a few days after my period ended, I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend using the pull-out method because we were desperate. On July 14th, I took Plan B Onestep. I read the pamphlet and it said there might be bleeding in between periods or my period might come early/late.

So, yesterday, I started bleeding - not a big deal 'cause I knew this would happen. The bleeding was brownish red, and spotty. So I ignored it and put a pantyliner on. This morning, I woke up and I noticed that the bleeding looked like a period. There was thicker bright red blood.

I don't know if my period came early or if it's implantation bleeding. Maybe it's just spotting, but it seems excessive.

Is this an early period? Is this just the regular spotting as a result of Plan B? Or is it implantation bleeding...?

Please don't lecture or shame me. I'm looking for an answer, not a lecture on safe sex. I will DEFINITELY use a condom next time because I will admit that it was idiotic of me to engage in unsafe sex.