“Friends” like these

So a friend of mine knew I was trying to conceive, we have known each other a little over one year. I waited until second trimester to announce to only friends and family, I thought she would be positive but she told me I shouldn’t be getting too excited. I need to slow down. I don’t need to be planning my gender reveal or even have one. I told her about the risk going down second trimester & she says “that all sounds crazy” and that she understands I want to be happy but She says I’m not safe until 3rd trimester... she keeps on sending me things about miscarriages& tagging me in things. (I’ve had one, she hasn’t so I already know) I mean I know some risk go down second trimester and you could never be completely safe, but I just wanted to be able to celebrate and be comfortable with the people I’m around after keeping things to myself until now. I didn’t tell anyone due to nervousness. That crushed my spirit. Now I just feel anxious about planning my reveal and can’t bring myself to order anything. I think that want to distance myself from her the rest of this pregnancy, do you think I am over reacting ??