Background: Alrighty so I’ve been talking to this guy since July 19th (so almost 2 weeks). He is very sweet and I’m really starting to like him a lot (which is scary for me considering the last guy I fell for dumped me after a month). Anywho. I hung out with him last night at his place and it was really nice. We cuddled on the couch and watched two scary movies. So he texted me today and asked how long until we could be in a relationship and make it facebook official and everything (trust me he said it much sweeter than how I worded it). I told him after the third date. He was very okay with that.

Advice needed: How early is too early to start a relationship with someone? (My last relationship it took 1.5 years before we became a couple) Is after the 3rd date too early or the right time?