My boyfriend is addicted to sex

My boyfriend is asking for sex up to 3 times per day and if I don’t put out, he gets cranky and just keeps asking for it. He thinks it’s ok to grab my boobs and butt whenever he feels like it and I’m just not ok with it sometimes so I tell him, and then he gets irritated about it. I think that it’s a coping mechanism for him to manage stress because he does struggle with anxiety pretty bad. But sex has become less personal for me because of it. I stopped enjoying it and now it just feels like an obligation. He doesn’t ever think of my needs first and doesn’t try to please me unless I beg for it first. He tells me that I should at least pretend to like it but even pretending has become exhausting. He started talking to a counselor about his anxiety and I’m hoping that he can at least find a different coping mechanism. Any thoughts on how to handle it in the meantime?