Okay so I got off The implant (nexplanon) about a week or two ago. I was bleeding the whole 365 days I had it. Just recently stopped bleeding I’d say 5 days after getting it out. My boyfriend and i had unprotected sex about 3 days after I got it removed and then again the day after.

We used spermicide each times but no condom. He did finish inside me both times.

We aren’t really trying to have a kid right now since we’re young and need to focus on getting a better future for a child. But if it happens it happens. We have steady income and our own place. We both have caring families who help out a ton as well.

Anywhoo I’ve been having some yellow ish kinda beige color discharge. I figured it could be from the spermicide but I cannot fully confirm that.

Just hoping to get some sort of relief

(Yes I do plan on getting on the patch in a few days)