Is it too late? 😩


I’m feeling so discouraged and need some advice. I had a fairly traumatic birth with my son and wasn’t able to try nursing right when he was born. A lactation consultant came in right after he was born and tried to help but I was still in shock and honestly don’t remember anything she said. She gave me a nipple shield and then left. The day I was discharged, I asked to see another lactation consultant because I was really struggling with feeding and I knew he wasn’t eating efficiently. I saw another consultant and she told me my breast tissue was really hard and he had a small mouth so he couldn’t latch well. She gave me some formula to give him after her nursed and that was it. I tried so hard for the next two weeks to nurse but at his two week appointment he had lost a ton of weight so we started supplementing formula. I’ve been pumping as much as I can but I’m only getting about 4oz per session and he’s eating 5. He’s getting 2-3 breast milk bottles a day and the rest is formula. We switched pediatricians and just had his 2 month check up. He’s gaining weight and is very healthy but they have on site lactation consultants. Is it too late for me to try to nurse again? I wish we had seen this doctor from the beginning because the consultants see new moms at the first appointment. I’m so sad about not nursing and I hate pumping. I really feel like I wasn’t given the support I needed. My son is 9 weeks old now. Should I reach out to this lactation consultant or just throw in the towel?