Idk y’all- advice?

Been contracting after walks, usually the get 10 mins apart lasting for a few hours and hurt a lot but then they go away. After today’s walk I could barely get back home they started so fast and were painful. It’s mostly pain on my lower left side and hip, like I can barely walk when that pain starts. Standing up and walking makes it worse, and it’s not as bad laying down but definitely doesn’t go away— this has been happening for three hours. They tend to be over a min long, some are back to back, some have been 4 mins apart but then it goes to 10 mins apart, or 18, then back to a few mins apart again. I’m a FTM so i could be wrong about these being contractions but they pain is so extreme and comes when my belly also tightens. I’ve been switching from laying down, using my ball, and walking. Could the left side pain just be from her position and that’s why it’s so painful? Or are these just contractions? I was 1 cm and 50% on Thursday and I’m 38 weeks & 2. I know the 5-1-1 rule but should I be concerned with the left side stomach and hip pain? If this progresses I’ll call but this is just weird to me. Not every one is extremely painful but most are 🤔 Some positions trigger the pain as well, and no these aren’t cramps.